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Softball Majors Champions:  PHOENIX!!! 


Softball Minors Champions:  FREEDOM!!! 








Intermediate CHAMPIONS:  PHILLIES!!!



Top Gunn/LMLL Camp

June 25-28, ages 7-13, Gladwyne Park




ASBA/LMLL 5-7 Yr Baseball Day Camp!

 July 10-12th, ages 5-7: Register HERE

Email President@lmll.org to learn more and reserve a spot!





S. Admore Field D is now officially

"Brian D. Rosenthal Field"!!!!!

In honor of the founder of LMLL


Lower Merion Commissioners unanimously approved

the renaming in his honor last night!

An official plaque and dedication ceremony to follow






25% OFF if register by June 30th, only $75!



We plan on offering (all included):

*  Friday night, some Saturday and Sunday afternoon games

that avoid conflicts with other activities

*  Sept - mid-October schedule

*  Former professional and college instruction and clinics

* Indoor Cage time

*  Group trip to a Phillies game  


Intermediate Fall:  Register HERE!

Ages 12-13 playing 50/70, birthdates Sept '04 - Aug '06

Travel around our district, current Intermediate players are eligible for the Fall!


AAAA/AAA Fall:  Register HERE!

Ages 10-11 playing 46/60, birthdates Sept '06 - Aug '08

Play internally and around our district!


AA/A Fall:  Register HERE!

Ages 8-9 playing 46/60, birthdates Sept '08 - Aug '10

A lot of development and fun...build skills and meet friends!


Rookies/Minors Fall:  Register HERE!

Ages 6-7, birthdates Sept '08 - Aug '10

A lot of development and fun...build skills and meet friends!


Softball Fall:  Email President@lmll.org for more

Ages 6-7, birthdates Sept '08 - Aug '10

A lot of development and fun...build skills and meet friends!




LMLL Summer of Baseball!

Free Chevy Phillies clinic at CBP!  Spots are very limited!



Friends Central July camps too....stay tuned



Important information on dehydration and sports drinks

from Nemours duPont

Nemours duPont Pediatrics is a proud sponsor of Lower Merion Little League this spring – supporting our league and keeping our kids healthy to be sure they can keep playing the sports they love!

When it comes to keeping kids hydrated, there is a dizzying array of options. Recently, sports and energy drinks have been a hot topic and it’s important that we understand all of the facts.

Do young athletes need something extra to avoid dehydration?

  • Not necessarily. The average young athlete can and should get all the necessary nutrients and hydration by eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water before, during, and after exercise. During games and competitive events, drinks should be available at all times and regular water breaks should be scheduled about every 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Drinks to avoid:
  • Soda - Soda should be avoided because it contains excess sugar. What's more, the carbonation can cause an upset stomach. Soda also often contains caffeine, which should be limited in kids.
  • Vitamin Waters – Vitamin Waters often contain extra calories, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, or herbal ingredients whose effects have not been studied in children (such as ginseng or St. John's wort).
  • Energy Drinks - Most energy drinks deliver a stiff dose of sugar and caffeine. Too much sugar can contribute to weight gain and excessive caffeine can negatively affect attention and concentration. Many energy drinks also contain additional ingredients whose safety or effectiveness has never been tested in children — including herbal supplements, guarana (a source of caffeine), and taurine (an amino acid thought to enhance performance and caffeine's effects).

Sports Drinks:

  • Sports drinks – Sports drinks may be beneficial for kids who participate in prolonged vigorous physical activity lasting longer than an hour (such as long-distance running and biking, or high-intensity exercise such as soccer, basketball, or hockey). These drinks contain carbohydrates (sugar), which can provide an immediate source of energy at a time when the body's stores are becoming depleted. Sports drinks also contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which the body loses through sweat. Electrolytes are necessary to keep the body's fluid levels in balance and for muscles to work properly. However, Sports drinks are not necessary for the casual athlete and should not be consumed on a regular basis.

For more information on Sports and Energy Drinks, visit the full article from Nemours here: http://bit.ly/sportsdrinksnemours

Nemours duPont Pediatrics primary care offices offer:

  • Evening and weekend hours
  • Online appointments
  • 24-hour phone line for medical advice
  • Complimentary meet and greet appointments
  • Part of Nemours/Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children

Click here http://bit.ly/nemourslocations or call (800) 416-4441 to learn more, find a location near you, or to schedule an appointment.

See you at the fields!





LMLL's Founder Brian Rosenthal

sadly left us 1 year ago...



LMLL has decided to dedicate the next 2 seasons

(Fall and Spring) to his memory


We've also created a Founders Fund,

to honor both Brian D. Rosenthal our founder,

and Barry Pearlman, who assisted Brian in building LMLL.

The fund will honor the memories of Brian and Barry,

as well as some of our dearly missed friends

listed further below.


We are not actively soliciting donations

but if you'd like to contribute, please click HERE:







Any other questions?  See below, click on the relevant links, and also please contact support@lmll.org.


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Top Gunn Baseball Summer Camp


Join the instructors of Top Gunn Baseball Baseball Camps June 25-28 (rain date June 29)

We invite you to attend Top Gunn Baseball Camp where every athlete will receive individual instruction for improving his game.  Top Gunn Baseball's philosophy is to provide an A-to-Z fundamental instruction on all aspects of hitting, pitching, and defense.  We will introduce and demonstrate various drills that are tailored to the specific parts of the game as well as ideas for a positive team approach.  The will provide the "how and why" of drills and incorporate this instruction and drill work into simulated games. 

Their number one priority is player development.  Regardless of the level of the player, we will have developed a curriculum that will help all players progress and get a better understanding of the game of baseball. 


June 25 - 28 (rain date June 29)
Gladwyne Park: 921 Youngs Ford Rd, Gladwyne, PA 19035

AGES: 7 - 12

COST: $250 or $225 for LMLL Players

Campers must bring their own lunch. 

CONTACT: Tim Gunn with questions at tgunn@topgunnbaseball.com or 215-915-3810

Register today!

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To the Lower Merion Little League Community....



LMLL is dedicated to creating great memories for our players and families:

We owe a grateful round of thanks to the coaches and volunteers that make the experience great for our kids.

To a few of our fallen friends that left us way too soon and made immeasurable contributions to our league:

- Brian Rosenthal, Founder of LMLL

- Barry PearlmanLMLL early founder/builder of LMLL, and proud Father/Grandfather

- Charlie Schwab, Commissioner and Coach extraordinaire

Bobby Bonds, Coach and faithful cheerleader

- Joe Hildenbrand, Coach and loving Father

by posted 03/25/2018
Nemours duPont Pediatrics
Nutrition and your young athlete – Game Day tips from Nemours duPont Pediatrics!

Nemours duPont Pediatrics is a proud sponsor of LMLL this spring – supporting our league and keeping our kids healthy to ensure that they can keep playing the sports they love!

Nutrition is an important part of fueling a growing athlete. Kids need to eat the right amount and mix of foods to support higher levels of activity, but that mix might not be too different from a normal healthy diet. Eating for sports should be an extension of healthy eating for life!

Here are some general guidelines for athletes on game day:

· 3+ hours before the game: Eat a meal 3 hours or more before the game that includes plenty of carbs and a moderate amount of protein. Make sure the meal is low in fat and doesn’t include high fiber foods. Both can cause an upset stomach.

· Within 3 hours of the game: If kids eat less than 3 hours before game or practice, serve a lighter meal or snack that includes easy-to- digest carbohydrate-containing foods, such as fruit, fruit or vegetable juice, crackers, or bread.

· Post-game: Experts recommend eating carbs (fruit, pretzels, a sports drink, etc.) within 30 minutes after intense activity and again 2 hours later. Your child's body will be rebuilding muscle tissue and replenishing energy stores and fluids for up to 24 hours after the competition. So it's important that the post-game meal be a balance of lean protein, carbs, and fat.

For more information visit the full article on athlete nutrition!


If you have any questions or concerns related to your child’s health, Nemours offers well-childcheckups, same-day sick appointments, sports and school physicals, ADD/ADHD evaluations and treatment, vision and hearing services, and immunizations. Additionally, if your child needs to see a specialist or receive therapy services, there is a location near you.

Click here http://bit.ly/nemourslocations or call (800) 416-4441 to learn more, find a location near you, or schedule an appointment.

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Web Site Sponsorships Now Available

To offset fees and improve fields & playing equipment, Lower Merion Little League offers sponsorship opportunities on our Web site (traffic exceeds 290,000 visitors to date).  You can have your company’s logo or a family banner on our site for only $750 per year.  Please contact us at support@lmll.org to learn more.

by posted 01/11/2008
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