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"A" ball- Great season-and thanks to league officials
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Subject: "A" ball- Great season-and thanks to league officials
Posted by: Gary Green of lmll.org
I have been coaching kids in baseball, basketball and soccer since the mid 1980's when my oldest son, who is now 31, started to play. My youngest son will soon be 9, and this is my 2nd year coaching here.

With the background of having coached sons andaughters in for more than 20 years consequitively, I tip my hat to the officals of this league for super organization, excellent coordination and communication with coaches and for a demonstrable love of not just the game of baseball, but for the kids who play in our league.

I would be remiss if I failed to compliment the other coaches in "A" ball. They were gracious sportsman in the best sense of the word, and all demonsrated exactly the correct attitude and behavior toward their own players and mine.

Obviously, I enjoy coaching, or I would not have volunteered repeatedly to coach every sport for each of my 5 kids. Nevertheless, this baseball season ranks among the best of my many wonderful coaching experiences over the years.

Thank you sincerely to all who contributed, and I look forward to working with you next year.  
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"A" ball- Great season-and thanks to league officials  Gary Green   9 Years ago